Irish Language Dictionary

Please note, this article is only aimed at people without first-hand experience of the Irish language.

This project is an Irish to English language dictionary. You can read more about the Irish language over at Wikipedia.

Gaelic Dictionary? Irish Gaelic Dictionary?

Confusion arises are different people refer to the language in different ways. Here at we often hear from people talking about the "Gaelic Dictionary", or "Irish Gaelic Dictionary". At the same time, people based in Ireland are likely to simply call this an "Irish dictionary".

This is because, when speaking in the English language in Ireland, the Irish language is simply referred to as "Irish". This may feel weird to people who are used to calling the language "Irish Gaelic".

So, in the future you can just call the language "Irish". Irish is sometimes referred to as "Gaelic". However, this brings with it ambiguities. "Gaelic" more often refers to the Celtic language that is spoken in Scotland/Alba.

Moral of the story: this isn't a Gaelic Dictionary. It isn't what we like to call an Irish Gaelic Dictionary. It is simply an Irish Dictionary.

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