How to Cite Words

This Irish English dictionary is ever-evolving, and is a collaborative effort. And so, we have been evolving our inclusion criteria for the dictionary.

Here are guidelines on how to add words to the Irish dicitonary. Please note that you need to register and log in in order to be allowed add new words to the dictionary.

Guidelines for addings entries to the dictionary

  • Normal entries do not begin with capital letters. However, proper nouns should be capitalised, such as placenames.
  • Only include the singular version of the noun. The dictionary doesn't currently store plurals. This is a feature that will be implemented at some point.
  • Only include single words, not expressions or sentences. An exception to this would be things that are named with as a noun with an adjective, such as peann luaidh.
  • Don't enter people's names. A dictionary is not suitable for names, as name "translations" can often be questionable.
  • The dicitonary is moderated but not censored. This Irish dictionary does not intend to be one that is suitable for certain age groups. Language covers more words than the strictly formal context.
  • English translations are given for Irish words in both British and American English, where appropriate. For example, translations for dath should both be given as colour and color. This makes the translation easy to find no matter which English variation is searched for.