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Amendment to the policy used to add or delete coverage. Also referred to as a "rider." Minimum Finance Charge: The minimum charge that has to be paid for using a credit card. Simple Interest: It is the rate of interest calculated on the principal amount only, and not on the earned interest or the compound interest. 
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Defensive Driver Discount Voluntary Reserve - An allocation of surplus not required by law. Insurers often accumulate such reserves to strengthen their financial structure. Loss Ratio - The ratio of incurred losses and loss-adjustment expenses to net premiums earned. This ratio measures the company's underlying profitability, or loss experience, on its total book of business. 
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Petition This date, found on your declarations page, indicates when your policy coverage runs out. Your renewal policy will start on this date. The price of the insurance policy that the insured pays in exchange for insurance coverage. 
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Date Opened: The date on which an account or credit agreement is established. Carrier This date, found on your declarations page, indicates when your policy coverage runs out. Your renewal policy will start on this date. 
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Re: annual insurance policy

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Re: annual insurance policy

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Re: annual insurance policy

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